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Contact us on 01275 873405 or admin@clevedoncommunitycentre.org.uk for any room or restaurant bookings, the office is only currently open

when we have people using the centre but emails and messages will be monitored and we will respond as soon as we are able to.

Please scroll down for details of events taking place in Princes Hall, Prescott Bar and the Community Centre...


 What's on


The Prescott Bar is a warm and friendly lounge bar available for private events and functions with a great selection of wine, beer, cider, gin and other spirits available including Butcombe Brewery products.

The Prescott Bar is open most Friday & Saturday nights from 7.30pm-11.00pm 

Call 07920 444033 to book your table. 

07|01|22 BINGO NIGHT 

Join us for Princes Hall cash bingo night, Prescott Bar open.

Friday 7th January, 8.00pm in Princes Hall


This event has been rearranged for the above date, all tickets purchased previously are valid, if you are not able to make this date please contact Ian Gray iangray218@yahoo.co.uk for a refund.


As you will all be aware current case rates for COVID19 are decreasing, nevertheless, it is worth highlighting the control measures in place to protect you all on this night.

1) Please wear a mask when entering Princes Hall as when checking the tickets there may be times when queue's form. Once inside you are free to remove the mask. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask at other times it your personal choice.

2) Both the dance floor and bar areas will be subject of adequate ventilation to distribute any airborne particulates. Similarly the toilets will be ventilated with outside Windows all open. The external doors to the toilets will be open to enable you to assess the number of persons inside.The hall has a very high ceiling with large windows adjacent to the roof which will be fully open.

3) The tables in the bar area will be positioned at least a metre apart to enable individual groups to socially distance from each other.

4) There will be a significant number of hand sanitisation points strategically placed around the venue.

5) There are screens in front of the bar to protect both staff and guests and there is adequate space in front of the bar to avoid guests coming too close together if queue's form.


6) Regular cleaning is undertaken to multi-touch points and communal areas such as tables and chairs in the bar areas


7) We continue to offer the use of the NHS Track and Trace posters to enable all visitors to ‘check-in’ at our premises, however, this is not a legal requirement for people to use it.

Current guidelines suggest that a lateral flow test should be taken prior to attending events such as the above. Please, please, if you are able to obtain a test kit use it before coming to Princes Hall; and remember if you have any symptoms and are unable to undertake a lateral flow test, stay at home and protect your friends and local community.